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T-Bone accident in Las VegasCauses of Rear-End Collisions

There are several factors that lead to rear-end collision accidents, including:

  • Mechanical issues – faulty brake lights, brakes, car breakdowns, etc.
  • Poor weather conditions – fog, rain, and snow can compromise braking distances and visibility
  • Tailgating – when someone drives too closely behind your vehicle
  • Drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Distracted drivers – putting on makeup, using cell phones, adjusting car settings, eating behind the wheel, etc.

Breaching Duty of Care

The cause of a rear-end collision is usually the carelessness of at least one driver. When a driver fails to prevent foreseeable harm to another person, they are breaching their legal duty of care. Drivers who tailgate, drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs, or drive while distracted are not taking reasonable measures to prevent harm to others and are therefore unable to uphold their duty of care.

rear ended car accidentLiability

In most cases, the driver who hits the vehicle in front of him or her is the person responsible for the rear-end accident. Failure to fulfill his or her duty of care means they are liable for the collision. When there are several cars involved in the collision, it is typically the driver of the last vehicle in the chain that is liable for the multi-car crash.

Occasionally, you’ll come across a case where road defects (like potholes) or a car’s mechanical defects (such as brakes) cause a rear-end collision. When this happens, blame is placed on the third party (the city or the car maker).

What Happens When You’re Partially At Fault

Because Nevada is a modified comparative negligence state, an injured plaintiff can only collect compensation from another party if the plaintiff was less than 51 percent responsible for the accident that caused his or her injuries. This percentage can be difficult to determine. Oftentimes, only the jury can decide what percentage the plaintiff is responsible for. If it’s higher than 51 percent, the plaintiff will recover nothing.

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