Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer’s services. However, if you or a loved one in the Las Vegas area ever do need this type of representation, it’s important to know how to find the right attorney for your case.

These tips will help. For more information about your specific case, schedule a consultation with our experts at the Disability Law Center Nevada in Clark County. We’ll work with you to determine if you should file a lawsuit. If you choose to hire us, we’ll also work hard to secure the compensation you deserve.

In the meantime, it helps to keep certain general points in mind when you need this type of representation. Asking yourself “How do I hire a good personal injury lawyer?” Remember these key tips:

Ask for Testimonials

Most lawyers will try to convince potential clients they offer unparalleled services. This is the case when you initially discuss your needs with any business. No one is going to tell potential clients they aren’t the best in their field.

Taking their word for it isn’t always the smartest way to find the right lawyer. You should also ask them to provide testimonials from former clients.

Attorney-client privilege limits an attorney’s freedom to discuss former cases openly in many instances. However, strong law firms typically represent many clients who would gladly vouch for their services if asked to.

An attorney who isn’t willing to provide this information isn’t giving you enough reason to trust they can deliver on their promises. On the other hand, an attorney who genuinely offers strong representation will be eager to enlist former clients to back up their claims.

Know Their Expertise

Personal injury law is a fairly broad topic. It can cover everything from hit-and-run accidents to dog bites. That’s why it’s important to find out if a firm you’re thinking about working with is qualified to handle your specific type of case.

Obviously, if they’ve handled similar cases in the past, that’s helpful, but even if they haven’t yet, they may still have the relevant expertise to handle yours. Don’t completely write-off an attorney simply because they haven’t represented someone exactly like you before. They might otherwise have the necessary skills and knowledge to secure the ideal outcome. You simply want to ask more about the specific nature of your case during your consultation to better understand how familiar they are with that area of the law.

Set Realistic Expectations

You want a lawyer that is going to do everything they can to help you secure compensation. This may mean the process of settling your lawsuit will take somewhat longer than expected. Hire someone who completes the job quickly, and you may be in the hands of a lawyer who isn’t thorough enough. You’re better off setting realistic expectations and hiring someone who prioritizes doing the job right.

However, you need to find out what realistic expectations actually are. This is a good reason to ask every lawyer you meet with to give you a general estimate of the timeline for a case like yours. Don’t expect the timeline to always be accurate. Many factors can impact how long it takes to resolve a personal injury case. Instead, asking for timelines helps you better determine which lawyers are making realistic promises, and which are not.

You should also ask how you’ll stay in touch with your attorney and how often you’ll meet. Attorneys have other clients who need their attention, but they should be able to reasonably accommodate your needs whenever possible.

Trust Your Instinct

The most important qualities to look for in a personal injury attorney are experience and expertise. Your main goal is to find someone who is thoroughly qualified to offer strong representation.

That said, this person is going to likely play a significant role in your life. You’ll also be corresponding with them fairly regularly. Thus, it’s also helpful to feel as comfortable as possible with them.

Pay attention to how well you communicate with lawyers you’re considering hiring. Do they seem to pay attention to you? Do they have an intimidating presence that makes it difficult to express yourself, or are they more warm and inviting?

Again, while experience is key, so is the right personality fit. The aftermath of a personal injury can be a difficult time. You want help from someone who offers compassionate representation.

At the Disability Help Center Nevada in Clark County, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your personal injury case. We’ll be glad to review it.