A slip and fall injury in Nevada falls under the category of personal injury law. That’s because it involves harm you or a loved one may have sustained as the result of someone’s negligence. For instance, if you fell and hurt yourself on a business’ property because they did not take steps to clearly indicate a slippery surface, you may be entitled to compensation.

Securing fair compensation requires coordinating with experienced professionals who understand the law and know how to build a case. That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Disability Help Center Nevada, in Clark County. A slip and fall lawyer will review your case and let you know if it’s a good idea to proceed with a lawsuit. If you hire our team, we’ll also work with you to ensure you get fair and thorough representation.

What You Need to Know About a Las Vegas Slip & Fall Accident

You might assume you don’t need to hire an attorney after sustaining a slip and fall injury. It’s not uncommon for victims to believe they will reach a fair settlement with an insurance company.

That’s unfortunately not always the case. An insurance provider’s main goal is to minimize what they pay out to victims. If you don’t have experience negotiating with insurance companies, your odds of getting proper compensation are often low.

You might also not secure all damages you’re entitled to if you’re unable to illustrate the full nature of your suffering. For example, maybe a slip and fall injury only seems to immediately leave you with a sprained ankle. However, if you also hit your head, you might later develop cognitive weaknesses or depression. This can have long-term effects on your quality of life that might not be apparent right away. An attorney will work with you to ensure the compensation you seek accurately reflects the extent of the accident’s impact on your life.

It’s also important to understand that Nevada is a state in which the idea of “comparative negligence” applies to slip and fall cases. That means you may have been somewhat responsible for your injury. For example, perhaps you sustained an injury because you ignored a sign indicating you were traveling to a restricted area of the property. Maybe you were injured because you didn’t bring proper footwear for your needs. If the court determines you were somewhat liable, this will decrease the amount of compensation you can potentially secure. This is another reason to work with a lawyer. They’ll make sure negligence is assigned accurately and fairly.

Hiring a slip and fall lawyer also gives you the chance to hold the negligent party responsible. Being punished gives them much more reason to work hard at preventing similar accidents in the future. By hiring a lawyer, you’re protecting others from harm.

You should take action and file a claim immediately after an accident. This is because the Nevada Statute of Limitations requires plaintiffs to file lawsuits within two years of their accidents. After the two year deadline, you typically won’t be entitled to any compensation.

What to do After a Slip & Fall Accident

The first step to take after a slip and fall is to assess your condition and get yourself to safety. If you suffered a major injury, you may need to contact others for assistance. Get medical attention right away if you need it.

Once your medical needs have been addressed, contact the property owner (or highest-ranking person on the property) to file a slip and fall incident report. This is useful for building a case later. It helps to indicate you were proactive about gathering and recording relevant details.

That’s also important to keep in mind. Although your safety comes first, if you’re able to inspect the scene, make a point of taking pictures and gathering witnesses. Document all relevant information, including witness names and contact info, as this makes it easier for an attorney to build a case later.

During your case, attend all medical appointments and stay on top of all relevant medical treatments. This indicates you took your injury seriously and aren’t going to exacerbate your condition by not caring for yourself.

What About a Slip & Fall at Work?

A slip and fall injury that occurs at work is slightly different from other types. Under Nevada law, you can’t sue your own employer. You can instead seek damages via workers’ compensation. While you still want to file a report and document the scene, these are unique cases in which contacting a lawyer usually isn’t necessary.

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